18+ Years experience - MS Access Expert, Microsoft Access Programming Expert, Microsoft Access Database Developer, Microsoft Access VBA Programmer, MS Access Application Development, SQL Server TSQL Specialist

Meet your MS Access Expert, a VBA Programming and Database Development Specialist, having expertize in designing good looking GUI/Interface/Forms/Reports. I design tables with professional architecture having worldwide adopted design and security standards. I design smart forms in such a way that whole data gets presented nicely over single screen. On reports, I make sure that desired data is easy to search. The application interface design is based on self-learning concept and is easy to navigate. You already know that using Microsoft Access as a development tool is a great choice for small businesses, and here I am to help you in Microsoft Access Application Development. Expert Microsoft Access VBA Programmer with professional business acumen is here. Checkout the great list of expertize Microsoft Access VBA Programmer exhibit here to impress you along with specialization in SQL Server TSQL Programming and Database development. Find help on troubleshooting MS Access Problems/Issues in designing tables/database/code. Are you seeking MS Access Specialist, contact me for any kind of MS Access Report Designing.

Whether you have a short one time Microsoft Access VBA project, or an Ongoing Projects, MS Access VBA Programmer is here to cater all sizes of assignments. I am a professional VB Developer, having fluent English Speaking skill, culturally seasoned. Find MS Access programmer/developer/architect/professional/expert/specialist having better skills than as found on Upwork, Odesk, Elance, Freelancer. MS Access-VBA Freelancer here delivers total solution under one roof. MS Access programmer developing software in Spanish/Dutch/French/German is available with large experience of all languages.

MS Access Programming expert is available to troubleshoot bugs and provide Permanent/ongoing/flexible-hours Support for MS Excel, MS Access, SQL Server. Are you searching for a Virtual or Administrative Assistant having command over MS Access and MS Access, here is the link. I fix MS Access application errors/bugs/Issues. I can even act as your Property Manager or a Customer Service Representative. Access VBA App maintenance + migration work is done with guarantee.

Looking for modifying existing MS Access application, to migrate Access 97/2000/2003 to latest version of MS-Access like 2007/2010/2013/2016, hire your MS Access SQL Database VBA Application Specialist. Are you looking for converting Filmmaker to SQL Server Database MS Access Application? Checkout my expertize in converting Excel Worksheet to complete MS Access Application, along with keeping database in SQL Server. I have through command over Macros and VBA Coding in Microsoft Excel and Access and have expertise in modifying/migrating/converting the application. Hire SQL Server expert to convert MYSQL database into more enterprise application database. To upgrade Old custom access software, or to get it updated and repackaged, contact MS access Migration Specialist. To Transform classic Microsoft Access 97 software to Microsoft Access 2010/2016, and get this job done quickly/efficiently/bug-free, contact team of MS Access Experts having specialization in Data Analysis & Migration. Whether Filemaker Developer is Needed for Small Business Database Migration work, or for MS Access Database development, I am available at your door-step. I can output MS Access report as webpage/PDF-File/Excel-File.

If you are looking for importing MS-Excel data into MS Access or update MS Access database to make it capable of holding larger set of data in proper structure, hire MS Access Professional/Guru. Whether you have Simple MS Access Project or an enterprise level MS Access SQL Server based application, I am here to serve you. I have expertise in inventory tracking, stock sale purchase, workshop project management, application for educational institute, transporting or fleet management, renting of home or commercial properties or event management, landscaping or construction related project, I am here to develop software for you. I help merging the multiple excel files into one application. Check here for moving an Excel VBA project over to MS ACCESS.

Looking for building database or complete ERP/MIS application in MS access or in SQL Server for any industry like Healthcare, Veterinary, Clinic, Hospital, Physiotherapist, Gym, Real Estate, Music/Song, Clothing/Fashion, Antiques Library, Woodwork, Carpentry, Steel Fabrication, Brick/Cement/Concrete Work, Cost Accounting, Invoices, Payment tracking, Employee management, Attendance/Time-Sheet, Salaries, Consulting, Engineering, Scientific, Instruments or Equipment management, I develop all such software. Small Access Database System for tracking order and shipments can be developed quickly. Do you need Access DB created via a Guru, here I am. Microsoft Access database development (forms, queries, reports) gets done via professional approach. MS Access 2013 Developer or 2016 application programmer is available for all kind of needs. I can surely help you in modifying existing Microsoft Access database to be used for tracking contacts in the business.

Are you looking for hosting MS Access web application into share point, or having just SQL Server database in cloud and have access-vba-application work over disconnected architecture, contact Microsoft ARK Microsystems to serve all your needs. I have expertise in developing web-based application in MS Access or converting existing MS Access application to website. I develop DATABASE WITH WEB INTERFACE having coding in MS Access, and data in SQL Server. Database migration to a WEB Database has been made quick and easy. I convert Access DB to Sharepoint Office 365 Access WebApp with 100% success. I program MS Access Software to Link to SharePoint List.

Is you MS Access application too slow, that it just crawls the data and looking for boosting the performance of Microsoft Access based application, I know the reason why your Access-VBA application-Forms/Reports are too slow to load. I can fix the slowness issue of MS Access application and enhance its performance. Are you seeking help in linking MS-Access and SQL Server into the application, or having similar problem, let me have look at the project. I build web-based basic Microsoft Access Database to large size enterprise system.

I have expertise in Microsoft Access front end to work with ConnectWise SQL Server Backend. I have expertise in developing Custom reports in MS Access to work with Stone Edge. I can export/import Quickbooks data into MS-Access for further customization of accounting/book-keeping data. Get custom label reports with bar-code developed for your Point Of Sale software. I can even scan barcode or any other pictures/documents. I develop Label Maker in Microsoft access. We help material/industrial/commercial/chemical testing laboratories in customizing their LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) especially Khemia-Omega and ATL (Accelerated Technology Laboratories) Sample-Master/TITAN/Result-Point. I can help testing labs in developing the EDDs and as well in importing instrument data into the lims especially got BOD.

I have expertize in Amazon/eBay/Magento/Prestashop/OpenCart/WordPress/Volusion API to upload items & inventory, and downloading sale orders & returns. I develop many Seller reports for enhancing the sale activities using MS Access. Checkout Sales Analysis Report needed for Retail Sell-Out.

Automatically Sending Emails through Outlook or via SMTP gets implemented being part of every project. I also deal with Database having Mail Merge kind of functionality through Smart-Tag-Parsing. I also have expertise in pattern recognition in large dataset and interface to select from dataset. I am your Data Analyst / Data Scientist / Data Visualizer. I can develop Excel parsing script, lookup in database, and output to Word. I develop Outlook Application Add-in/Plugin Appointment Inspector with 2 way database binding.

For every project, I draft help file so that it is easier for you to use the newly developed MS access Application. I can also act as MS access Trainer to help you in developing/troubleshooting the application. I have sound expertize as Microsoft Access and Excel Advanced (VBA) Trainer. I can also develop Web Submission Form in MS Access or can upload/download/export/import XML data file via FTP/HTTP call request. I develop Access VBA Addin and custom ribbons.

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MS Access, SQL Server, VBA, MS-Office Tools Expert

        Your offshore office for Information Technology Solutions

Shashvat Gupta

Meet your MS-Access Expert who is involved into software development since 1998 and have earned extensive experience in various technologies, platforms, architectures and functional domains during this period. I have developed 400+ applications during this period and learnt about different businesses and cultures all across the world. I love businesses who want to stay managed through technology, and dream of having paperless office.

I devlop ERP systems to automate all office tasks so that user has all tools at one place like Emailing/Fax/SMS, Multilevel detailed PDF Report generation/emailing, Saving/Scanning Documents, Smart-Tag based Data Parsing, Importing/Exporting Data to various formats, dealing with non-formatted text, Backup/Archive/Restore, scanning Signatures using Signature Pad, Bar-code Label Generation/Printing/Scanning, and Custom Reports.

Being a professional Microsoft Access VBA Database Application Developer, I have extensive experience on developing/incorporating whole set of features required to automate any business in MS-Access based application, which can escalate user experience as well as business growth.


Most of the applications developed by me using MS-Access are management information systems. These MIS are complete in nature and have made the office a true paperless office in reality. I have developed many standard modules like client management, file management, configuration management, complete reporting system, PDF file generation, document scanning, label printing, bar code reader, automated faxing, financial management, data export/import to Excel/Doc/XML etc. I can say with pride that I can work on any project of any size and for any industry. My team not only has technological skill but also have business sense so as to develop solutions which hit the bullís-eye.

Whatever a need may arise for business automation, I have prebuilt solution to offer, and that too with successful outcome. I have an experience of more than 18+ years and have implemented each kind of feature a business may require for around 100 times as I have developed around 400 projects using MS-Access so far. Because of my expertise, I not only develop Access application with confidence, but also develop the features quickly and implement them smoothly into the production environment. Beyond the development, most projects/clients need support/consultancy on what will suit best for them; I am always here to guide, because I have experienced all such needs.

Areas of expertise in MS-Access:

MS-Access Application Development in all versions of MS-Access.
  • MS Access 2016
  • MS Access 2013
  • MS Access 2010
  • MS Access 2007
  • MS Access 2003/XP/2000/97
  • Expert level command over VBA to design complex solutions
  • Works on Web Development using Sharepoint
  • Work on upgrading the application to newer version
Database Development.
  • Database Development in MS Access (All Versions).
  • Database Development in SQL Server (All Versions).
  • Database-Development
  • Design Professional/Robust/Scalable Database.
  • Considers all kind of future needs.
  • Database Optimization/Normalization.
  • Choosing right Data Type and Field Size.
  • Using Widely Accepted Naming Conventions.
  • Data integrity via Relationships, and Triggers.
  • Expertize in T-SQL, and Query Designing
  • Encrypting and Securing Sensitive Information.
  • Database Programing Via Stored-Procedures and Custom Functions.
  • Scheduling Automated Backup, and Achieving/Retrieving Older Records.
  • Adopt professional approach for Creating/Managing database user/roles/permissions
  • Develop interface in MS-Access to create/manage users/roles/permissions automatically.
  • Develop interface in MS-Access to automatically check permissions, and link tables.
  • Develop interface in MS-Access to access databases available in SQL Server.
  • Works on upsizing the database from MS-Access to SQL Server
  • Works on upsizing the database from older version to newer version.
  • Safe/Stable Server Migration. Automate the SQL Server user/role migration
Creating Forms in MS Access.
  • Creating Login Form, Dashboard, Notifications, and Complex Data-Entry Forms.
  • Creating Bound Forms using DAO needing Persistent Connection, suitable when database available on LAN Network.
  • Creating Unbound Forms using ADO (Disconnected Approach), Suitable when database available on WAN Network (internet connection).
  • Dynamic formatting of records like mark odd records with Red-Color
  • Standard Add/Edit/Delete Buttons respecting user permissions.
  • Data Searching/Filtering for easy identification of records.
  • MS-Access Form Design
  • Professional Data Validation, Error Trapping and Tracing.
  • Widely Accepted Naming Conventions, Code Commenting.
  • Showing/Hiding/Ordering/Coloring of controls.
  • Adding Graphs, Calendar Controls, Pictures etc.
  • Integration with Web-Browser and Google Maps etc.
  • Attaching Documents, Printing PDFs/Excel, Word-Docs,
  • Auto generating Email/SMS body texts with contextual data.
  • Use Scalable/Robust Architecture, Modular Approach, Optimized Code.
Creating Reports in MS Access
  • Creating Multi-Level Data Reports (Drill Down Approach)
  • Dynamic formatting of records like mark red odd records
  • Adding Graphs, Pictures etc. for better presentation
  • Adding Header with Logo and Firm Information
  • MS-Access Report Design
  • Adding Signatures at Footer and Page Numbering
  • Barcode generating, printing, and Scanning.
  • Creating Reports for Label Printing.
  • Adding Water Marks on the reports.
  • Creating Multi-Column Reports.
  • Accessing Printers on Network.
  • Outputting multiple copies to a Printer.
  • Storing/invoking reports in multiple DBs
  • Setting Default/Specific Printer for Report Outputs.
  • Designing dynamic queries for Crystal Reports and invoking them.
  • Defining filter variables to generate report as per desired data range.
  • Adding code for various checks at report level like "No data available".
Upgrading Access Application.
  • Converting MDB into ACCDB.
  • Making MDB Compatible with new versions of Access (2007/2010/2013/2016).
  • Database Upsizing (Converting database from MS-Access to SQL Server).
  • MS Access Database/Application Migration (From old version to newer version).
  • SQL Server Database Migration (From old version to newer version).
  • SQL Server Migration (to newer machine).
Import/Export of Data.
  • Export filtered data to various formats like Excel/CSV/MDB/DB-4/Plain-Text.
  • Import data from various formats like Excel/CSV/MDB/Plain-Text.
  • Importing non-formatted data through intelligent approaches.
  • Exporting report objects in MS-Excel and MS-Word.
  • Exporting data into well formatted excel files.
  • Exporting data into well formatted word-doc and PDF files via smart-tag parsing.
  • Automatically Crawl Websites and search for desired data.
  • Auto Extracting Contacts from Internet via Crawler for Marketing Purpose.
File Management (Attaching/Printing/Scanning)
  • Manage/Attach/Access files right from Application.
  • Dynamic Scanning of Documents/Drawings.
  • MS-Access Attach File
  • Adding Features like Zooming/Rotation while Scanning.
  • Adding Support for Duplex Scanner.
  • Attach a file to the Record-ID (like Client/Supplier).
  • On Attach, copy files to central location
  • Just link files i.e. don't move to central location.
  • Quick Printing of bunch of files.
  • Barcode Scanning and Printing.
  • Capturing Web-Camera Output.
  • Find orphan file-links and remove them or link them back.
PDF Printing in MS Access Creating PDFs.
  • Auto Generating PDF Reports(in recent versions)
  • Integrating PDF Factory Pro in MS-Access 2000/2003 etc.
  • Integrating PDF Creator Plus in MS-Access 2000/2003 etc.
  • Merging Multiple PDF Reports into one Consolidated Report.
  • Emailing of PDF Reports right from Application.
  • Protecting and Stamping of PDF Reports.
  • Page Numbering of PDF Reports.
Sending/Receiving Emails.
  • Automatically send emails through application
  • Auto generate email-body text with contextual data
  • Emailing in MS Access
  • Send email through Outlook or Direct-SMTP/IMAP.
  • Bypassing Outlook Security warning message.
  • Display/Hide Outlook window for sending email.
  • Reading/Moving/Storing Outlook Emails.
  • Reading/Managing Outlook Contacts.
  • Reading inbox using POP3 protocol (Without using Outlook).
  • Deleting emails in inbox (With/Without using Outlook).
  • Marking emails as read/unread (With/Without using Outlook).
  • Freedom to create/store message templates and use them later (Text/HTML Formats).
  • Maintenance of Smart Tags. Parsing of tags on sending SMS.
  • Freedom to set tags at each message template.
Sending/Receiving SMS and MMS.
  • Send/Receive SMS/MMS using GSM Modem (in Phone/Dongle).
  • Auto detecting GSM Modem attached to Computer
  • Send SMS in MS Access Application
  • Reading GSM Modem Port, Signal, Battery, and Codes.
  • Checking of GSM-SIM Account-Balance using USSD Codes.
  • Using AT-Commands for sending SMS.
  • Using Active-Expert Toolkit for sending MMS.
  • Send SMS through SMS-Gateway (HTTP/FTP).
  • Secured storage of Gateway User Information.
  • Auto insertion of Gateway User Information on sending SMS.
  • Freedom to create/store message templates and use them later.
  • Maintenance of Smart Tags. Parsing of tags on sending SMS.
  • Freedom to set tags at each message templates.
  • Interfacing with alerts sent by IP-Camera.
MS Access for Managers.
  • Reminder System for wishing on Birthdays/Anniversaries.
  • Automatic Sending of SMSs for various Alerts/Reminders.
  • Automated System-Alert for important tasks.
  • Developing Dashboards representing various KPIs.
  • Manager Control in Ms Access
  • Developing Reports representing various KPIs.
  • Scheduled Emailing for various KPIs.
  • Adding Graphs, Calendar Controls, etc.
  • Scheduling of Calendars/Holidays.
MS Access for Programmers/Administrators.
  • Archive and Retrieve Old Data.
  • Creating Users, and reset their Password.
  • User Management right from the application.
  • Easy Assignment/Copying of Roles/Permissions.
  • Define/Enable/Disable Change-Logs.
  • Take database backups from application and schedule them.
  • Developing Systems Settings to make system behave as per your choice.
  • Develop Customizable system. You utilize your programming skills to twist the system.

Miscellaneous Expertise:

Functional Domain Expertize.
  • Civil Construction, Building, Real Estate and Land Scape.
  • Commercial/Residential/Agricultural Property Management.
  • Renting Inventory Tracking, and Contracts for Renting.
  • Home Renting, Event Management, General Renting.
  • Wood-Work, Steel Fabrication, and Other Workshops Management.
  • Engineering, Instrumentation, Research, Surveys, and Analysis
  • Business Automation using MS Access
  • Mechanical Engineering, and Production Business Management.
  • Precise Manufacturing for Aeronautical Engineering Workshops.
  • Surface Transportation, and Fleet Maintenance.
  • Chemical and Environmental Engineering/Control.
  • Stock Sale/Manufacturing, Purchase and Marketing.
  • Assets Purchase, Repairs, and Maintenance.
  • Warehouse and its Inventory Management.
  • Financial and Management Accounting.
  • Book Keeping, Bridging Accounting Systems.
  • General Banking, Insurance and Foreign Exchange.
  • After Sales Deployment, Service and Support.
  • Church, Prayer and Religious Event Management.
  • Employee Hiring, Human Resource, and Administration.
  • Wild Life, Forests and their production/preservation.
  • Training, Institute, Student, Trainer, and Course Management.
  • Security Systems, Automated Detection/Alarms/Notifications.
  • Medical Diagnostics, Patients Management, and Prescriptions.
  • Monitoring Patient Progress, Statistics & Outcomes.
  • Hospital, General/Veterinary Clinic, Rehabilitation Center Management.
Business & Money Matters Expertize.
    Business Matters Automation using MS Access
  • Understand how to boost sales, and revenues.
  • Understand People, their behaviors, and needs
  • Understand Business, its terms, goals and objectives.
  • Understands Clients, their works, and purchase orders.
  • Understand Employees, Users, their roles, and permissions.
  • Understand Business Process, Operations, and its environment.
  • Understand Money Matters, Quotes, Purchase Orders, and Invoices.
  • Understand Accounting, Financial Performance, Return on Investment.
  • Understand Supplier/Vendors, and their products/catalogs and purchases.
  • Understand Inventory/Stock management, know when to create purchase orders and optimize inventory.
  • Understand how to best utilize inventory/assets/material in manufacturing/service.
  • Understand the right architecture of software as per the business need.


18+ Years of Extensive Experience as Software System Architect.

MS Access Software System Architect

I have specialization over developing the mid-sized management information systems using various technologies and architectural models. I developed most Applications using MS-ACCESS-VBA & SQL-Server for Automating Business Processes like Managing Employees & their Roles, Engineering Drawings, Fixed Assets, Materials, Costing, Clients, Contacts & Certifications, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Work Orders, Jobs, Invoices, Workflows, Packaging & Deliveries, Resource Planning, Employee Card Punching & Time-Sheets, Holidays, Workload Calculation & Delivery Forecasting, Sales-Rep/Product/Machine/Employee/Client Performance Analysis, Financial Accounting, User/Workstation/System based Configurations, interfacing with CNC Machines, Machine Service & Maintenance, Forecasting Machine Service Needs, Automating Machine workshops, Hiring/Deploying Machine, and Machine Fuel/Fluid Bulk Purchase/Issuance etc.

Expertise in designing interactive Reports, Forms, Labels with Professional Look and Feel. Thorough experience in developing and integration 3rd Party tools, DLLs, OCX, ActiveX Controls for various purposes like PDF Factory, CHado Text, DBPix, Create PDF, Scanner Setup, Map Point and ActiveExpert Toolkit etc. I have expertise in Google Map integration (Single point, Multiple points, adding tags etc).

Highly Strong in Designing Optimized Databases. I formulate a Complete, Usable, Smart, Robust, Flexible, Scalable, Configurable, Customizable, Integrated and Secure Software Solution.

I have developed hundreds of applications using MS-Access as frontend and SQL Server as backend. I have used ASP.Net for developing Web-Applications with a purpose to provide interface for external stake-holders like clients and vendors. Worked widely on converting Excel Spreadsheet in Access bases multi-user system and further migrating Access based database to SQL Server. I have developed projects of all sizes, using different technologies for various functional domains. I specialization over developing the mid-sized management information systems using various technologies and architectural models. Technologies framing my core competency are DotNet (C#, VB, and ASP.Net), MS Access VBA, and SQL Server 2005/2008.

I have expertise in Automating Importing/Exporting Date To/From Excel, CSV and various other File Formats including Unstructured File Formats. I have developed modules for Smart Tag Parsing and Publishing DOCs/PDFs on the Fly and also developed systems for saving/emailing them. I have developed many Document Management Systems which are not only full of Feature, but Smart too. I have automated Sending/Receiving of Emails With/Without Outlook. I have even automated Auto Handling of Bouncer Emails and handled Unsubscribes. I have published Calendar Events into Outlook. I have worked on Pushing/Retrieving Data To/From CNC Machines.

I can effectively handle all the stages of SDLC. I can help you in writing/refining your specs, analysing the current system and architect the proposed system. I can design well optimized database well considering all future aspects in consideration. I can write create quite attractive GUIs nicely handling the data flow with enhanced productivity. I have through knowledge on software testing and quality assurance, hence can develop robust and reliable software systems.

I have extensive experience in developing Client/Server architecture based applications using MS Access VBA as frontend and MS SQL Server as backend. I have explored the VBA to such an extent that I can proudly say that I can develop any kind of solution using MS Access VBA. Many people doubt about the capabilities of MS Access VBA and its suitability for large applications. I have used MS Access VBA to such an extent that I can claim that I can develop any kind/size solution in this technology. I have successfully developed many large sized enterprise level applications using this. I can be contacted to get any kind of advice on MS Access VBA. I have even worked on projects related to migration from MS Access VBA to Dotnet using CSharp.

Further, I have developed many applications over the technologically hybrid model. I have developed applications having web based frontend in ASP.Net, desktop based frontend in MS Access VBA, and backend in SQL Server. I have not only developed but also maintained and enhanced many such applications developed using MS Access VBA.

I also have extensive experience in developing web based enterprise level application using ASP.Net with CSharp. I have substantially used latest add-on tools and technologies provided by Visual Studio in my web application development projects. I also have used PHP for developing web-services, HTML/CSS for web-interface. I am well versed in using additional techniques which gears up the Web-Application Development, to name few, JavaScript, XML, Silver-Light, Flash, and AJAX. I have developed many web applications of varying sizes using Microsoft's legacy web-technologies like ASP, VBScript, and HTML. Along with this, I have also explored Java, EJB, JSP, and Oracle. I am a Java Certified professional and have secured 98% in SCJP Exam. I also have worked on platforms/servers like Weblogic, IIS, Tomcat, Oracle, and MySQL. I also have expertise in scripting for all legacy Mercury tools (now HP Software) i.e. Vugen, QTP and WinRunner for automating software testing.


I look forward for a long-term relationship, thatís why I put emphasis on being consistent as well as flexible. I have extensive experience in executing MS-Access-VBA & SQL Server related jobs.

My business firm "ARK Microsystems" is registered with the Director General of Foreign Trades, India which help me in earning recognition under software development services exports and helps me in getting service tax waiver for my clients.

ARK Microsystems is not intent on being the largest Firm, rather the best. I put clientís requirements first and deliver the best suited solutions. I have capability to analyze the client's needs with business prospective so as to develop software which can cater the business needs better.



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